AirGator Announces NAVAir 3D Approaches


AirGator Inc. says its new NAVAir Approaches 3D offers “unparalleled situational awareness” to pilots by offering a three-dimensional view of the aircraft during approach, viewable on certain pocket- or tablet-PC products. The system shows the aircraft’s position in both the plan view and on the vertical profile and works with AirGator’s NAVAir moving map or NAVAir Approaches simple interface. After providing visual position representation through a successful approach and landing, the system then automatically displays the aircraft on the airport diagram for better awareness while taxiing. Pricing for the viewer is $249 with 12 months of data updates and program enhancements. After that, subscription renewals are $189 per year. And, remember, you’ll need something to view it on. The company is inviting you to watch a demonstrations of the product, here and here.