Airliner Bomb Threat A Hoax


Canadian officials say an alleged bomb threat aboard a Cathay Pacific A340 flying from Hong Kong to Vancouver was a hoax. Two Canadian Forces CF-18 fighters, under the control of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), escorted the plane to a safe landing at Vancouver International Airport Saturday afternoon. The aircraft was towed to a remote area of the airport with the passengers still on board. The fighters didn’t land with the airliner and returned to their base at Comox, about 60 miles northwest of Vancouver.

NORAD spokeswoman Major Holly Apostoliuk termed the escort a “precaution” but did not confirm the bomb threat report. “In this case only as a precaution did we intercept and escort the aircraft until it landed safely.” The investigation was turned over to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. RCMP released a statement later Saturday saying there was nothing unusual on the aircraft.