A330 Engine Failure Caught On Video »

The pilots of a Thomas Cook A330 had their hands full when the right engine of the big airliner failed on the takeoff roll at Manchester Airport in the U.K. Planespotter video by Eddie Leathwood shows a jet of flame exiting the rear of the engine followed by smoke and the delayed sound of the explosion. There were no reported injuries and the explosion appears to have been contained. More

Flight Services Adds SpiderTracks Monitoring »

Pilots and operators who use SpiderTracks satellite monitoring devices in their aircraft can now register their device with the AFSS system to enable real-time tracking of their flights. In a news release Lockheed Martin, which operated the AFSS system, said by registering their SpiderTracks device, pilots can ensure that their flight progress is monitored from takeoff to landing and if the device stops moving, stops transmitting or sends an emergency signal, the system is instantly alerted. "As a result, the system is able to initiate search and rescue procedures with more precision and speed than previously possible," said Lockheed Martin. The service is free. The SpiderTracks system currently plots aircraft progress on a website that requires a login. The SpiderTracks partnership seems to be the test bed for a system-wide real-time monitoring system. More

Life in a World Without Towers »

So now that all the towers are closed, what are we to do? Will chaos reign? Have the dogs of doom been loosed? Not quite, but depending on where you fly, there could be some challenges ahead that will be unnerving. And just to put some numbers on it, the FAA-announced closures will shutter 149 of 516 control towers in the U.S. or 29 percent. It's not a trivial number so irrespective of safety or risk, many of us will have to adapt to operational changes. More

Mid-Air Collisions: The Myth And The Math »

Mid-airs aren't always fatal, and all of them can be avoided. Keep up your speed, look outside and vary your aircraft's attitude to eliminate blind spots. More

EGT and CHT Interpretation »

We go beyond the basics in this article on getting the most out of your digital engine-monitor system. More

Why Pilots Lose Their Edge »

It doesn't take many weeks of sitting on the ground for an instrument pilot to get rusty. Foremost, staying current is one big balancing act. More

The Lost Art of Heading »

Even in the modern world of airplane symbols on magenta lines, sharp heading and CDI skills are still golden tools. More

Cruise Dynamics »

We spend most of our time in cruise flight, yet little training time is devoted to the finer points of savvy straight and level. More

Learning From Mistakes »

Our writer cleanses the soul about some of his flying misadventures. He obviously walked away from them, but not before learning some valuable lessons. More

The Looking Glass »

New technologies have brought us very capable "glass panels," and they're popping up everywhere. But has training progressed at the same rate? More