Operating Tips for Big-Bore Continentals »

AVweb editor and powerplant management authority Mike Busch walks you through each phase of a typical mission preflight, start, taxi, runup, takeoff, climb, cruise, descent, landing and shutdown and explains how to operate your big-bore Continental engine for maximum longevity and safety. If you fly a Bonanza, Baron, Centurion, Twin Cessna, or anything else powered by a big Continental, you'll want to read this. (Lycoming operators will find a lot of useful guidance here, too.) More

A Matter of Balance »

Weight and balance is important for any airplane, but it's especially critical in a large supersonic aircraft for reasons that might surprise you. Veteran airman Phil Rowe talks about some W&B lessons learned from his days flying in the B-58 "Hustler," America's first supersonic bomber. More

The Dreaded Stall »

Although we often hear about the stall as a major cause of accidents, it is often the fear of stalling that causes pilots to make too-fast approaches that result in overshoots, overruns, and loss of control landing accidents. AVweb's Safety Editor offers words of wisdom about overcoming your fears and gaining confidence in that all-important low-speed corner of the performance envelope. More

Lightning Strike! »

If you're based in Florida, summertime means either flying around thunderstorms or not flying at all. But even the most experienced hand dodging TRW will occasionally get more than was bargained for, as AVweb publisher Carl Marbach discovered when his Aerostar took a damaging lightning strike while flying in an area that his radar and Stormscope said were okay. Here's the story and the photos of what happened to Carl's airplane (he won't be flying it for awhile). More

Preparing for a Long Cross-Country »

Flying a transcontinental trip by light plane can be an intimidating experience for pilots who have never done it before. But with some advance planning and a little common sense, it is usually a delightful (as well as memorable) experience. Here's how a 12,000-hour ATP tackled a long X-C from Michigan to Florida and back in a Piper Arrow. More

Running the Numbers »

Taking time to calculate weight and balance on the ground can save you some nasty surprises in the air. Consider the misfortunes of some pilots who didn't. More

Fulfilling a Dream: My Sonerai IIL »

The thoroughly delightful story of how Bob Barton an aeronautical engineer but non-pilot built and learned to fly his Sonerai IIL kitplane. It took Bob more than eight years to finish the task ("I just approached it like a mouse eating an elephant, and kept nibbling away"), but the end result was an unrepentant love affair between man and machine. More

The Missed Approach »

One of the most difficult and critical phases of an instrument approach and surely the one we practice the least is the missed. A veteran CFII offers some valuable tips on how it's done. More

High Wing or Low Wing? »

Does an airplane wing belong in the basement or the attic? Which configuration makes a better trainer? Which does better as a cross-country traveling machine? How about formation flying? Short-field work? Which is easier to pre-flight? A veteran test pilot and expert in aircraft flying qualities explores the tradeoffs. More

To Go or Not to Go »

Before you launch off into the clag, take a moment to review your decision-making process. Did you make your go/no-go decision for the right reasons? How well has your training and experience taught you that crucial skill: how not to go. A little introspection might just enhance your life expectancy. More