Circling With Precision »

A circling approach is a visual game made safer with the right mix of math, estimation and skillful instrument flying. More

Are You Wasting Avgas? »

Probably. But at $5 a gallon, you might want to consider an even dozen ways to reduce fuel-related costs of flying. More

Five Crosswind Traps »

Crosswind landings can be tricky if you don't understand what can go wrong. Do you know how to avoid these five common crosswind traps? More

Your IFR Moments »

IFR magazine asked its readers to contribute defining moments of IFR flying. Here are a few where the moment was made by the company as much as the flight. More

Spins Without Fear »

While pilots are trained to avoid stalls and spins, little effort goes into understanding spins. Here's how to approach spin training without fear. More

Defensive IFR »

Sure, controllers work for the FAA. But that doesn't mean all clearances and directives have to be followed. Here's how to refuse a bad clearance. More

Busted: What Now? »

If the FAA offers you remedial training in lieu of other enforcement options, we say take it. You might even learn something. More

Two New Backcountry Flyers From Expedition Aircraft »

A company in Canada is working on a pair of beefy new single-engine backcountry aircraft that should be certified soon. Expedition Aircraft of Toronto said on Wednesday that both of its multi-mission aircraft, the E350 and the E350XC, have already completed 90 percent of the work required to obtain certification. Both aircraft will be powered by a 315-hp Lycoming IO-580 engine and have a rugged design, with four doors and four seats (fifth seat optional). The E350 has tricycle gear while the E350XC is a taildragger, ready for optional tundra tires or skis. Both aircraft will be available for floatplane conversions. The airplanes will be on display at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh this July, the company said. More

The Weather Wizards »

More and more pilots are getting weather information from the Web before they call Flight Service -- and that information is getting more detailed and more accurate all the time. Mike Haenggi has the story of who is doing the aviation weather research and what is coming next. More

Night Flying Safety »

Flying at night can be fun, but it's even more fun if we know the pitfalls and plan accordingly. If you think that nighttime flight is the same as daytime flight -- only with less light -- then you need to read on. Some illusions only occur at night and could end your flight prematurely. Master CFI Max Trescott talks about how to make your night flight a safe one. More