Father's Day TFR »

To avoid those ubiquitous Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs), it should be sufficient to get a briefing from Flight Service and ask for all the pertinent TFRs for your route. How wrong you would be ... More

Unusual Attitude Recovery: Reacting Quickly In An Over-Banked Situation »

There are those who think flight is best experienced at zero or negative G. And then there are the rest of us, who just want to keep the dirty side down. But even though all pilots get basic training in how to recover from unusual attitudes, sometimes we need reminders. More

The Mountain Checkout »

If words like "mountains obscured" and "rotor cloud" are unfamiliar or even fear-inducing, you need to spend some time with a good instructor and get the most beautiful checkout you'll ever have. More

Ground Effect »

Wingtip vortices have caused lots of problems for aircraft, but there is another side to them. AVweb's Linda Pendleton explains how wingtip vortices affect your own plane. More

Failure is Not an Option -- Part II »

Failure to complete a flight safely after an electrical failure shouldn't be left to chance. In Part I , AVweb took a close look at the electrical system. In Part II, we describe other ways the system can fail, and present different ways to prepare for a failure before it happens. More

Use Your Head »

We study the rules, we memorize procedures, and we execute standardized practices in the hope of making our flights as safe as possible. Yet sometimes following checklists and procedures blindly to the letter can hinder that achievement, and a good pilot's job is to sort out the difference. More

Failure is Not an Option -- Part I »

Failure of a key component of your plane like a vacuum pump or the electrical system is not optional -- it's a certainty if you fly enough hours. But failure to complete a flight safely after an electrical failure shouldn't be left to chance. A successful outcome is likely if you plan in advance. More

CRM From The Instructor's Viewpoint »

Flight instructors are in a unique position to observe the habits of pilots, especially CFIs who teach two-pilot crews in simulators. AVweb presents a review of some common Cockpit Resource Management (CRM) issues. More

Why On-Demand Jet Charter Needs CRM ... NOW! »

When a Gulfstream III went down at Aspen, Colo., in 2001, it was yet another pilot-error-induced controlled flight into terrain. Aviation safety analysts have pointed out the mistakes made by the flight crew, but underlying this is a failure to require cockpit resource management training for jet charter operators. More