Make Me A TAF »

You may need a weatherman to tell which way the wind blows. But it doesn't take a TWEB dweeb to decode the forecasters' IFR secrets, as discussed in this article from the February 2003 issue of IFR Magazine . More

A Half-Century-Old Lesson: Fly the Airplane! »

Although this isn't the sort of thing we routinely publish on AVweb, the following 1944 pilot report by a B-17 combat pilot offers us all some food for thought about how cool heads in the cockpit can save the day when everything goes wrong and the situation seems hopeless. Account of Maneuvers as Undergone by B-17G Aircraft No. 42-39957 On Combat Mission of 11 January 1944 to Halberstadt, Germany. More

Wake Turbulence -- An Invisible Enemy »

Although all pilots are taught to avoid wake turbulence, planes still get caught in it, and once in a while even professionals lose control. How can this be? As AVweb's Linda Pendleton shows, maybe it's more sinister than we thought, and maybe there are more avoidance tactics that your CFI didn't teach you. More

Silicon Visualization »

One of the "new age" paths to success is to "visualize" where you want to be and how you're going to get there. Let's cut through the tie-dye and figure out a way to use these computers to help us make a real airplane flight more successful. More

Airspace Blunders »

Poor planning, high workloads, complexity and, surprisingly, technology lead reasons for airspace incursions. More

Interphone Overkill »

AVweb's Phil Rowe reminds us when to go easy on the interphone chatter. More

Mingle with the Little People »

If you're used to flying into major airports where "vectors to final" is the rule, take a break from the big FBOs and file IFR to the smaller burgs beyond the FAA's grasp. Well, almost beyond: As Paul Berge describes, there are a few rules to follow. More

Airline-Quality Weather Decisions for the General Aviation Pilot »

Don't have tens of thousands of dollars to plunk small-scale weather equipment into your general aviation aircraft? Still want to make the same quality of decisions with the information professional pilots get? Surprisingly, there's a lot more at your fingertips out there than you may think. Jeremy Jankowski delves into the world of getting the most out of what's available in a small aircraft. More

Transitioning to Retractable Aircraft »

You missed your mother's birthday. You couldn't remember your AOPA member number when you attempted to access their Web site. Your password eluded you when needed cash at the automatic teller. The VERY last thing your spouse said before you left for the supermarket was, "Don't forget the butter!" And then ... So what makes you think you are suited to fly airplanes with retractable gear? Well, according to AVweb Features Editor Scott Puddy, we all forget things from time to time, but lowering the gear shouldn't be one of them. That's why the FAA requires specific training for pilots who are stepping up to complex aircraft. He offers his thoughts for the transitioning pilot in his latest article in the series. More

The Parallax View: It's an E-Ticket Ride »

In a tragic accident, Missouri Governor and Senatorial hopeful Mel Carnahan died October 16 when a twin-engine Cessna 335 impacted terrain just south of St. Louis in nighttime IMC conditions. Shortly prior to the crash, the pilot reported that he was experiencing trouble with his primary attitude indicator and stated that he would try to use the co-pilot's attitude indicator. The final report that the NTSB will issue many months from now may or may not shed any light on the accident cause but those in the know understand that the accident pilot may have taken an E-ticket ride on "The Parallax View." AVweb contributor R. Scott Puddy fills you in. More