Airport As An Oasis Of Calm


There’s an airport where the symbol of inner peace and outer calm reigns and it’s not in one of those little holding cages on the wrong side of the security lineup. San Francisco Airport has set aside 150 square feet of its sprawling footprint for the practice of yoga. The silent room is, perhaps appropriately, just inside where travelers reassemble themselves after security and was inspired by a comment made by a traveler to airport director John Martin, who has practiced yoga for 18 years. The traveler said the newly-renovated Terminal 2 had everything but a yoga room. “We took that charge to heart and here it is,” Martin told the Half Moon Bay Patch. “It’s already getting a lot of use. People love it.”

Besides deciding to dedicate a 10 x 15 foot space to something other than fast food or magazine sales, there was another more technical challenge. Airports must have universal pictograms on doors to ensure universal understanding of what lays beyond. There are more than 400 but there wasn’t one for yoga. An androgynous figure in the lotus position was picked and will be used in any other airport that decides to create a similar sanctuary.