Airport’s Sale Could Result In Loss Of Airport


Owned by Daryl Habich for three decades, Firstair Field in Monroe, Wash., a privately owned, public-use, 2,087-foot paved strip, is for sale and its proximity to local fairgrounds suggests to some that it may be destined to become a parking lot. That would put it in line with the loss of about one airport per month reported by AOPA and an FAA reported trend that’s seen the public use airport population decline from more than 5,350 in 1998 to about 5,200 in 2008, reports Washington’s The 32-acre property has attracted some interest, but none much more solid than Snohomish County, which may absorb the property as part of its long-term plans for the Evergreen State Fairgrounds. A county spokesperson contacted by the Herald said “there is no plan at this point for its potential use,” and that it’s listed in plans for the fairground simply because it’s for sale. But that’s not Habich’s preference.

The non-towered airport averages about 50 operations per day and is home to more than 70 aircraft. Habich wants to sell it in the manner it was sold to him — from an outgoing airport owner to an incoming airport owner who wants to keep it that way. He is seeking $6 million for the airport, which under his ownership included an on-site dentist office (Habich’s) and $5 tie-down fees. The price also includes Habich’s house … and great parking for the fair.