Airshow Pilot Flies Beneath Jumping Motorcycle


It’s not the first time this trick has been done … Kirby Chambliss, for one, did it in Mexico a few years ago … but pilot Skip Stewart is making the airplane-flies-under-jumping-motorcycle stunt part of his routine on the airshow circuit this summer, and this week his online videos went viral. Stewart, who last year took home the prestigious Bill Barber showmanship award, is all over the Internet with video of the jump at last weekend’s Cameron Air Show, in Cameron, Mo.

Professional biker Cody Elkins rode the motorcycle. Elkins told the New York Daily News he and Stewart started to work on the routine about 10 years ago and have performed it about a dozen times. Elkins said they have difficulty getting booked because many promoters are afraid the stunt is too dangerous. “We wanted to film it to show people it’s not as dangerous as it may seem,” he said. Below is the pilot’s-eye view of the stunt; more views can be found on Instagram and Vimeo.