Oshkosh 2002 Image Gallery # 1 (of 4)

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AVweb's Oshkosh photo galleries are back! This year, we're combining photos from the entire event into four fun galleries.

  Osh 2002 Home

  Survival Guide
  TPL #38

  Time to Fly
  One of a Kind
  Living History

  Gallery 1
  Gallery 2
  Gallery 3
  Gallery 4

Click each individual picture for a larger image.

"Wacky Waco."

"Taken under wing."

"Even the cows wait in line."

"This doesn't look like the lake."

"Casper the UN-friendly ghost."

"That's what I wanna be when I grow up."

"Pretty Meyers all in a row."

"...and they ALL came in THIS plane!"

"Classy Culp's Special."

"From Burt Rutan, with love."

"A rare and beautiful thing."

"Aww, look. Someone left behind a perfectly good kid."

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