Oshkosh 2002 Image Gallery # 2 (of 4)

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Second of four photo galleries from Oshkosh.

  Osh 2002 Home

  Survival Guide
  TPL #38

  Time to Fly
  One of a Kind
  Living History

  Gallery 1
  Gallery 2
  Gallery 3
  Gallery 4

Click each individual picture for a larger image.

"Aeronca clothesline."

"Not your average little "princess"."

"One of three flying."

"So...um...been here before?"

"Red Hot Mama!"

"I can see right up my nose!"

"Run, Chicken, Run!"

"No Paul! That's just decoration!!"

"Imagine cleaning the bugs offa that!"

"Ok, now show me...Predator!"

"Move over Batcopter...it's the Cartercopter!"

"The paintjob...it's just too...subtle."

"Pretty bird."

"You should see where we make the kids sit."
"That's one big kitty."

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