Oshkosh 2002 Image Gallery # 3 (of 4)

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Third of four photo galleries from Oshkosh.

  Osh 2002 Home

  Survival Guide
  TPL #38

  Time to Fly
  One of a Kind
  Living History

  Gallery 1
  Gallery 2
  Gallery 3
  Gallery 4

Click each individual picture for a larger image.

"Steve!! No more Mexican for you!"

"You're a good little Brucie...yes...yes you are!"

"I knew we should have turned left at Albuquerque."


"Oh, this is high enough."

"Climb on up!"

"You can run, kid, but ya can't hide!"

"Showing his stripes."

"...and the rocket's red glare..."

"...and then I dreamed I was falling..."

"Living legend."

"You big Fairey."

"Sweet Swift."

"Mom! It's still following me!"

"True Colors."

"It just keeps coming back."

"Remembering our past."

"The past comes alive."

"At least it's not as long as the line at the bathroom."

"Sure looks faster than my Pinto."

"Thunder Warbirds are go!!"

"Damn fingerprints!"

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