Oshkosh 2002 Image Gallery # 4 (of 4)

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Our final photo gallery from Oshkosh 2002.

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  Survival Guide
  TPL #38

  Time to Fly
  One of a Kind
  Living History

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  Gallery 4

Click each individual picture for a larger image.

"The propeller-type thingy! It was right here!"


"Big mouth."

"Hard at work?"

"And then the little alien climbed out of here..."


"Who're you callin' tiny?"

"Wait, mom...I wanna get the bear."

"He'll be ok...just let him lay there a minute..."

"Ok, everyone! Line up...line up...and Big Smiles!"

"Um...dad...I have to go."

"And then *giggle* the bartender says *chortle* to the guy..."

"*sigh* Ok, but you'll have to ride on the skids."

"Cold feet? Me? Nooo...what's that over there?"

"They should change the name to Shade instead of Breeze."

"Bleedin' pigeons!!"

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