AVweb's AirVenture 2008 Galleries: Day Four

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Even though our feet are getting a little tired, there's still plenty to see and do around the grounds at EAA AirVenture '08. Fortunately for those who can't be here with us, we've given staff writer and crack photographer Mariano Rosales a camera and reminded him to snap picture whenever we do or see anything that will make people sitting at home jealous. Here's a sampling of how we spent our day, and yes it's even more fun that looks.


Gene Soucy waves to the crowd after his flight in the Show Cat.

Matt Younkin pours out the smoke from his Beech 18 during the airshow.

Can't take it home? You might as well get a photo with it.

One of the rocket racers makes its first public debut in front of the crowd at Oshkosh.

Bull riding and the Dreamlifter.

The Sherpa boasts a large cargo capacity and short-field capability.

What else do you think they drove when they weren't flying?

The crowd waves a farewell to the Dreamlifter and its crew.


Lots of noise, little movement.

An airshow fan gets a high five from performer Sean D. Tucker.

Sean D. Tucker hits the third ribbon in inverted flight.

Dan Gryder plays the trombone atop his DC-3 at the Challenge-air fundraiser.

The band plays below the Herpa Miniatures DC-3.

The North 40 parking reached maximum capacity early in the week.

Park that way, sir!

Many people who flew in camped along side their aircraft.

T-28s line the taxiway in Fightertown.

Aircraft are constantly arriving and departing Wittman Field.

F-4U Corsair.


Vintage Army cargo.

The warbird tower oversees the military aircraft during the airshow.

This Nanchang is so hot its on fire!

Cockpit tours were common in Fightertown.

The Goodyear Blimp goes to bed.