AVweb's AirVenture 2008 Galleries: Day Eight

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Today we pack up and say our goodbyes to Oshkosh for another year. Before we go, though, let's rifle through Mariano's photos one last time and see what he's caught on film since yesterday.


An airshow attendee gets a weather briefing at the Flight Service Station.

Puffy clouds filled the skies in the afternoons but no severe weather impacted the show grounds all week.

The bulletin boards were packed with various notices and for sale postings from all over the world.

The folding wing mechanism of their flying car design is demonstrated at the Terrafugia display.

The Terrafugia instrument panel. The flight control stick folds up benieth the pilots legs for road driving.

Jerry's One Man Band, an unofficial staple of the AirVenture grounds, entertains the passing crowd.

Elijah Wallick from York, PA takes control of the Ford Tri-Motor in the Ford display tent near Aeroshell Square.

Virgin Galactic displayed a large model of their new soon-to-fly space duo, White Knight Two and Space Ship Two.

Sonex's proof-of-concept electric powered Waiex was on display in the EAA Members Village.

The Wall of Fire.

The Red Knight leads a pack during the afternoon's big military air show.

The Goodyear Blimp makes a steep climbout after its low pass down the show line.

Christopher Foulke of Hartford, Iowa tries his hands (and hips) on the Wright Flyer simulator in the Federal Pavilion.

The old and the new.

Despite high fuel costs, there was no noticeable change in attendance.

Airshow performer Kent Pietsch returns to Wittman Regional after a practice flight.

AVweb's Scott Simmons and Paul Bertorelli discuss the scheduled videos for each day during the show.

AVweb writer Mary Grady checks her latest story upload.

Paul Bertorelli, Russ Niles, and Marc Cook discuss their impressions of the show for the wrap-up video.

Joseph "Jeb" Burnside edits another audio file for the daily podcasts.