EAA AirVenture 2009 Galleries: Day Four

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We were wondered where AVweb intern Adam Cutler disappeared to yesterday. Apparently he got some time aboard the A380 and worked his way down to the seaplane base. Meanwhile, contributing photographer Mariano Rosales has been snapping photos like crazy and creating some amazing panoramic photos we'll be sharing with you in upcoming galleries. (Scroll to the bottom of this page to see the first.)


The WhiteKnightTwo does a fly-over to kick off the Tuesday afternoon show.

The massive Airbus A380 does a short performance before it lands.

The cabin of the A380. Those tanks simulate people, but there are a few seats for (non-simulated) people.

The highly advanced cockpit of the A380.

The Civil Air Patrol is busy directing people to parking spots.

Who needs a rain fly when you have the wings of a J-3?

A jet-powered sailplane. Wait what?

The South 40 parking area and the ultralight runway.

Ever wanted to wing walk? Hold on tight to that post ... !

Busy cleaning Bill Stein's airplane for the air show.

Two Bonanzas take off in formation.

The skywriters write EAA in the sky.

The Terrafugia flying car roadable aircraft.

You don't see this too often.

If your Cub isn't yellow, you don't get to tie up here.

A cabin-model Waco is rare, especially on floats.

It's uncommon to see an airplane at Oshkosh that's in bad shape.

This is an FAA control tower?

The new front gate at Oshkosh includes two B-17 engines.

The shiny cockpit of a brand-new Citation Mustang.