EAA AirVenture 2009 Galleries: Day Six

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For us, EAA AirVenture is beginning to wind down but for many attendees who are just now arriving for the weekend, the fun has only begun. Intern Adam is on his way home today, but he did manage squeeze out a few more photos before hitting the road. (Watch for his final batch of show photos tomorrow!)


A Cub sits on display.

Would you believe that, lightly loaded, this can take off in 104 feet?

The Diamond D-Jet.

The Brown Arch. You can buy a brick on this walkway as a donation to the EAA.

Helicopters line up against the fence.

More cleaning. Every airplane must look immaculate for the show.

The ICON A5 light sport amphibian.

Matt Chapman's Embry-Riddle-sponsored airplane waits until it gets to perform.

The cockpit of a brand-new Citation CJ2+.

The pitot tube on WhiteKnightTwo.

Another airplane parked in the vintage area.

One of the switching panels for the hundreds of lights on the Grimes Flying Lab.

Even on a Wright Flyer, you can get leather seats.

A Beech Starship sits in the hangar. Another Burt Rutan design, and not a common airplane to see.

Even the airplanes are anxious to go flying.

A passenger is loaded onto a Bell 47 for a ride around the grounds.

WhiteKnightTwo demonstrates how quiet it is and how well it can perform.

Under the massive wing of an A380.

A King Air C90 taxis out. Who would ever want to leave Oshkosh?

The crane operators cap on Elvis, the firefighting Skycrane.