Air Venture

Bearhawk Announces The Bravo Model »

Having been around for two decades, the four-place Bearhawk EAB is prized for its large payload and STOL capability, and at AirVenture 2016, the company is unveiling the new Bearhawk Bravo. The B gets a Riblett 30-413.5 airfoil which delivers better speed, similar stall speeds and greater stall stability over the NACA 4412 used in the original model. The speed increase, according to Bearhawk, is 5 to 8 MPH faster than the original design. More

Aspen Announces New Micro-i GPS Source »

Aspen is venturing into the experimental market with a micro GPS receiver that’s a suitable position source for ADS-B installations. At AirVenture 2016, the company announced the new NexNav Mico-I GPS. The device is part of the product line Aspen acquired when it bought Accord Technology last year. More

Airbus E-Fan Makes Oshkosh Debut »

The latest version of the Airbus Group’s E-Fan “Plus” twin-engine demonstrator aircraft is on display this week at EAA AirVenture, providing insight into how the company’s vision has evolved as they experiment with the new technology. The E-Fan on display is a hybrid version, with longer flight range and more endurance than the original all-electric model. The aircraft now incorporates a thermal engine from German manufacturer Solo, which runs on avgas. The hybrid completed initial test flights in France shortly before it was shipped here for the show. More

OSHblog: Hey, This Place Is Busy »

Every year, we play this game imagining that AirVenture is really much busier this time. Looks like it really is. More

Sun Flyer Electric Trainer »

Sun Flyer brought the prototype of its electric trainer to AirVenture. CEO George Bye took us through the airplane. More

Remos Returns To The LSA Market »

German LSA maker Remos AG is back with a restructured company and a revamped LSA, the GXiS, which completed its maiden flight in May. New features include an upgraded Rotax engine and specially designed systems. More

Third Eye Blind Rocks AirVenture »

Rock band Third Eye Blind took to the Boeing Plaza main stage at AirVenture 2016 for the opening night concert. AVweb's Ashley Anglisano was front row capturing the excitement. in this video, she shares some memorable moments, plus highlights performances from previous AirVenture shows. More

Mooney’s Back, With Two New Models »

Roller-coaster stories are not unusual in the world of general aviation, but Mooney’s history is extra-packed-full of ups and downs — and this week at Oshkosh, the company is celebrating its latest resurgence, declaring that “success building upon success” is their new mantra. Mooney has two new models on display this week at EAA AirVenture, the M20V Acclaim Ultra and the M20U Ovation Ultra. And back in Texas, the new all-composite M10T that first flew last December continues in flight-test mode. More

Birthday Solos Are Back »

When the FAA changed its certification process in April to include TSA security vetting, one unintended consequence was that the tradition of student pilots flying their first solo on their birthday fell by the wayside — until today. Acting on a request from GA advocates including AOPA and EAA, the FAA said today it has adjusted the application process so pilots in training can apply for a temporary certificate that will allow them to fly as soon as they turn 14, for gliders or balloons, or 16, for all other aircraft. More

Cub Crafters Sells 20 XCubs, Announces Factory Training »

The just-introduced CubCrafter's XCub has enjoyed strong initial sales success, with the first 20 aircraft already sold, the company said this week at AirVenture 2016. It also announced a new factory training program for buyers that will allow them to get the most of their new airplanes, especially if they're coming from nosegear aircraft. More