Air Venture

AVmail: August 3, 2015 »

Captain Jim Carney writes: "I'm a retired Northwest Airlines (now Delta) 747-400 captain. I was a member of ALPA for 38 years. The letter ALPA put out against medical is baseless. Due to the fact many ALPA pilots and those representing pilots at other carriers, retired and active, own GA aircraft, I think the leadership opened their big mouth and inserted their foot. All pilots flying GA aircraft need to keep contacting their elected officials. Thanks for the coverage." Click through to read other mail from AVweb readers. More

Warbirds, Weather Boost AirVenture Attendance »

Pleasant weather and some aircraft firsts helped last week's EAA AirVenture show in Oshkosh attract about 550,000 visitors, an attendance increase of about 2 percent, EAA said. "AirVenture 2015 exceeded our expectations on many levels," Chairman Jack Pelton said in a statement Wednesday. More

AirVenture 2015 Photo Gallery »

We always take more photos than we need at AirVenture how can you not? so here are a few editor Mary Grady's trips around the field during the show. Only three hundred fifty-something days to go until we do it all again! More

NASA Tests CFIT App At Oshkosh »

NASA beta-tested a GA version of its Automatic Ground-Collision Avoidance System at AirVenture, bringing in a couple dozen volunteer pilots over the week to fly a simulator connected to a cellphone test app. The software alerts pilots, visually and aurally, when they approach terrain, then offers guidance on how to maneuver to avoid it. More

HondaJets Now Selling In South America »

Honda Aircraft Company now is expanding its sales network to South America, the company announced this week at EAA AirVenture. Sales will begin in Brazil, and the jet will make its South American debut there next month at the Latin America Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition. "General aviation in Brazil has experienced impressive growth, and it is the second largest country for new business-jet sales," said Honda Aircraft Company CEO Michimasa Fujino. More

Pelton: "A Tremendous Week" For EAA AirVenture »

"We had nearly perfect weather," EAA Chairman Jack Pelton said in his closing news conference at AirVenture on Sunday, "and it really felt like we're getting back to our culture -- that's what we've been striving for, these last three years." On Tuesday, the show logged "the most aircraft arrivals ever," with more than 3,000 landings, Pelton said, and as of Sunday morning the tower had logged 16,278 arrivals and departures. More

New Perlan Glider Debuts At Oshkosh »

The new Perlan 2 glider joined the Airbus A350 XWB at EAA AirVenture this week. The pressurized, two-seat glider has been designed to fly up to 90,000 feet, at the edge of space, where it will explore the science of stratospheric mountain waves that affect the global climate. This will require the engineering of a spacecraft, according to the Perlan 2 project, with glider wings that can fly in less than 3 percent of normal air density and at temperatures of minus-70 degrees C. More

WAI, Ohio State Promote Aviation Education »

Ohio State University has received a gift of $10 million to support aviation education and research on campus, the school announced this week at EAA AirVenture. The gift from the Austin E. Knowlton Foundation will support construction of a new facility at Don Scott Field, with state-of-the-art flight simulators, research labs and classrooms. More than 500 students a year study aviation at the school and take part in its outreach programs. More

Podcast: Mahindra Sees Expanding GA in India »

As the world's largest democracy and free market, India may become a fertile place to expand general aviation. And according to S. P. Shukla, head of Mahindra's aerospace division, it's already happening. In this AVweb podcast, Shukla said Mahindra's acquisition of Airvan will allow the company to expand GA both to the personally owned aircraft market and to transportation between large cities and smaller towns. More