Airworthy Autogas Tests 93UL


Piper and start-up fuel distributor Airworthy Autogas jointly tested the fuel company’s 93 octane unleaded fuel on an Archer as part of the lead-up to Airworthy Autogas’s launch later this year. Piper conducted a structured flight test regime using the fuel at its Vero Beach headquarters. Next comes a series of cross-country tests to determine the viability of the fuel. Piper CEO Simon Caldecott said the testing is part of Piper’s effort to find alternative fuels that work in its aircraft. The tests were done on an Archer equipped with a Lycoming O-360 and Lycoming was part of the program. Piper did not discuss the test results so far.

Mark Ellery, director of business development for Airworthy Autogas, said the fuel is “high-purity, low-vapor-pressure, ethanol-free, 93 octane, premium unleaded automotive gasoline” and distribution will begin in the fall. “Bringing Airworthy Autogas to the marketplace provides an alternative for the majority of general aviation aircraft without compromising airworthiness,” Ellery said. “Our goal is to get pilots flying more for less.” Ellery did not say how much the 93UL will cost or where it will be initially sold. He said it meets ASTM D4814 (automotive fuel) specifications but also meets Lycoming’s Service Instruction 1070S for use of fuels other than 100LL in its engines. “Airworthy Autogas, unlike traditional automotive gasoline, is designed for use in powering spark-ignition internal combustion engines used inaircraft applications,” the company says in its description of the fuel.