Alphabets Ask For Quick Follow To Blakey Exit


With FAA Administrator Marion Blakey’s term about to expire in just over two weeks, aviation leaders are urging President Bush to quickly appoint a new leader for the agency. “General aviation and the airlines dont agree on the FAA funding issue, but when it comes to choosing an FAA administrator, all of aviation is flying in formation,” AOPA said on Wednesday. “Aviation leaders across the board have joined in a letter to President Bush, urging him to quickly appoint a new individual to run the FAA for five years when Marion Blakeys term expires on September 13.” The letter is signed by the leaders of some 18 organizations, including AOPA, the Air Transport Association, EAA, NBAA, and many more. The letter says there is a “vital need to nominate a strong individual” as the next administrator as soon as possible. “Our nation cannot afford a recess appointee as we face the time-critical challenge of modernizing our nations aviation infrastructure.” AOPA President Phil Boyer said, “We need an FAA administrator who understands aviation from the grassroots to flight levels, who is a strong executive and a visionary leader. At this critical point, we cannot afford to drift off course with an interim hand on the controls. The president cannot allow this appointment to slide or be consumed by partisan politics.”