American Legend Adds Diesel Option


The 100-hp Gemini diesel engine will now be offered as a factory option on Legend Cub light sport aircraft, the two companies announced at EAA AirVenture on Monday. “With its high torque, very efficient fuel burn and the ability to run on Jet A, diesel or bio-diesel fuels, the 100-horsepower Gemini will be an extremely popular engine option for Legend Cub buyers around the world,” said American Legend President Darin Hart. The new engine, which was just introduced in April, will be offered on both the factory-built and kit versions of the airplane. A mockup of the engine, mounted on a Legend Cub, is on display this week at Oshkosh at the Superior Air Parts booth.

Hart says the engine, which weighs just under 200 pounds installed, will deliver performance similar to the Cub’s O-200 engine, but with up to 20 percent gains in fuel efficiency and the flexibility to run with Jet A or diesel fuel. “We are especially excited to offer the diesel option to our owners who operate in remote locations or in parts of the world where 100LL avgas is expensive or difficult to find,” said Hart. The option goes for $24,900.

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