AOPA Announces 2018 Fly-Ins


AOPA announced the locations of the four fly-ins for 2018. Up first is KMSO, Missoula International Airport, in Western Montana on June 15-16—the first fly-in held in the mountain west region of the country. AOPA is saving the next three for cooler fall weather: KSAF, Santa Fe, New Mexico, on Sept. 14-15; KMDH, Carbondale, Illinois, on Oct. 5-6; and KJKA, Gulf Shores, Alabama, on Oct. 26-27. “Each location has been designed to provide gateways to explore the mountain northwest, high desert mountains, a cutting-edge center for the automobile and aviation industries in the Midwest, and a relaxed beach town along the Gulf Coast—all great family vacation destinations, all strategically located within an easy flight of tens of thousands ofAOPAmembers,” says AOPA.

AOPA says the overall structure will remain the same, with technical workshops on Friday and the festivities on Saturday. “We are working on a new slate of workshops for 2018 that will offer hands-on experiences for pilots to improve their aviation knowledge, safety and skills,” said AOPA Director of Outreach and Events Chris Eads. Previous seminars have covered ground school for IFR proficiency, owner-performed maintenance and overwater and mountain flying techniques and survival skills.

AOPA still has two more fly-in on the calendar for 2017: Groton, Connecticut, on Oct. 6-7 and Tampa, Florida, on Oct. 27-28.