AOPA Clarifies ADS-B Rebate Process


The FAA’s rebate program for ADS-B compliance, launched a month ago, had more than 2,000 takers in its first week. The numbers are growing and inevitably, a few questions have emerged from pilots about claiming the $500 rebate, which requires procedures to test fly the aircraft with the newly installed equipment. AOPA has been answering questions from members while clarifying the requirements and pointing aircraft owners to FAA guidelines. Among the resources is an Advisory Circular (PDF) explaining how to verify that the equipment works properly after installation. AOPA’s Rune Duke told AVweb in an interview that the organization has been talking to members about clarifications such as the proper airspaces for testing. The flights must be conducted for at least 30 minutes and include various normal maneuvers in “rule airspace,” where ADS-B will be required in 2020 – classes A, B, C, and E above 10,000 feet MSL and 2500 feet AGL, Duke said.

The rebates, which will cover up to 20,000 installations in the program’s 12-month time frame, allow a 90-day window for owners to register online for the rebate and complete their installation. Then, there’s a 60-day deadline after installation to conduct the test and verify it’s good in order to claim the rebate. AOPA, which worked with other GA organizations and the FAA to create a realistic schedule, expects the program will allow for ample time for owners to schedule installations and follow the correct steps, Duke said. In addressing questions about shops scheduling further in advance, he said it’s acceptable for owners to register for the rebate even if their installation dates are more than 90 days out and the FAA is working with owners to make the process, including the tests flights, as smooth as possible. “The main goal of this rebate program is to get aircraft rule-compliant for 2020,” he said. “So as part of that, we want all the aircraft to be fully compliant and make sure their installations are correct.”

Listen to AVweb‘s podcast interview with AOPA here.