AOPA Launches Endowment Program


Hal Shevers, founder and chairman of Sporty’s Pilot Shop, will serve as honorary chairman and charter member of the AOPA Legacy Society that AOPA Foundation announced Friday as “an opportunity for donors to choose where they want to leave their legacy” to fund “the betterment of general aviation.” Funds can be directed by donors toward safety research and education, airport preservation, promoting a positive public image of general aviation, or increasing the number of pilots and may be used to create charitable gift annuities. Donations can include cash as well as non-cash assets and charitable gift annuities can provide the donor or recipient of their choosing with a certain fixed income for life. The program is seeking pilots deeply concerned about preserving general aviation and accepting their donations. AOPA advises that pilots 65 years or older are better suited for establishing charitable gift annuities, while younger donors may be better served by deferred charitable gift annuities or other investment plans. AOPA has created a Web site for interested parties. Find it here.