AOPA Launches New Weather Video Series


AOPA released the first of a new series of weather videos Friday, offering pilots “real world” methods to gather and analyze weather with emphasis on preflight planning and en route decision making. The first video, “Weather Wise: Gathering Information,” is just over eight minutes long and reviews aspects of preflight planning while using Flight Service and other resources, including mobile apps. It also reminds pilots to take the time to obtain weather briefings and check conditions across the route.Upcoming videos will include the National Weather Service’s online resources, planning for VFR and IFR flights, making the go/no-go decision, and how technology is changing weather-related aspects of flying. The National Weather Service provided funding for the series.

In 45 percent of fatal weather-related accidents investigated in the last 10 years, there was no record of the pilot obtaining an official briefing, even though they might have gathered weather information from unofficial sources, according to AOPA. “The fact that weather is a causal or contributing factor in so many accidents makes this an important topic for every pilot,” said George Perry, Senior Vice President of the AOPA Air Safety Institute. “Whether you’re new to aviation or have been flying for decades, changing weather prediction technology and the sheer complexity of the weather itself means there’s always something more to learn.”