AOPA Looks Forward To G100UL Data


Following up on its visit to Ada, Okla., on Wednesday, AOPA said it’s looking forward to additional data on General Aviation Modifications Inc.’s G100UL, a proposed replacement for 100LL. “With that data, we can examine the production, distribution, performance, emissions and economic impacts associated with any given proposed alternative,” said Rob Hackman, AOPA’s vice president of regulatory affairs. Hackman, along with AOPA President Craig Fuller and Cessna CEO Jack Pelton, saw G100UL run through its paces in the test cell. In a press release following Pelton’s statement on his impressions of the fuel, AOPA said it plans to continue to visit the key players in the avgas issue, including suppliers and aircraft and engine manufacturers, as well as companies such as GAMI and Swift that are developing potential solutions. Fuller called on the FAA to exercise leadership to smooth the path to rapid fuels development. “Leadership by the FAA is vital at this juncture in order to remove any unnecessary or outdated hurdles,” Fuller said. “Such hurdles could delay the development and delivery of new products and should be removed if they provide no safety benefit.”

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