AOPA Releases Aircraft Transition Course


The AOPA Air Safety Institute released a new online course Friday designed to help pilots transition into unfamiliar aircraft. “Transitioning to Other Airplanes” offers factors to consider when moving up or down in airplane size or complexity, or into one with different avionics. The first ten hours of flight in an unfamiliar airplane pose more risks for pilots, according to ASI. The course allows pilots to choose from five tracks, based on the type of training they want, and gives recommendations on finding instructors to aid the transition. It also includes accident case studies.

“Whether a pilot wants to move up or down the performance scale, into an experimental, or fly a different airplane with similar performance, this course covers the areas they need to know before making that transition,” said George Perry, senior vice president of the Air Safety Institute. “It’s great that the GA community could cooperatively produce a comprehensive transition course that allows pilots to focus on known risks during the first five to 10 hours spent flying a ‘new’ airplane. Every pilot who is changing airplanes should take a few minutes to work through this course.” The course is free to all pilots and can be used on mobile devices.