Aviation Insurance Market: Historically Soft »

Even as the new aircraft market continues to stumble, more companies are getting into the aviation insurance game and, as a result, premimum prices for some classes of aircraft are at historic lows. In a podcast from AOPA Summit in Hartford this week, Jon Doolittle of Sutton James Insurance, told AVweb that insurance premiums on jets used for business flying are lower than ever and it doesn't end there. More

AOPA Summit 2010 Photo Gallery »

Click for more photos The AOPA Summit in Long Beach, California has wound down and we're wrapping up on our online coverage with a few photos from the show. More

Graves Heads GA Caucus »

Missouri Republican Rep. Sam Graves will take over as chairman of the GA Caucus when current chairman Vern Ehlers, R-Mich., retires at the end of his term. Ehlers announced his retirement earlier this year and announced Graves as his replacement during an interview with AOPA at AOPA Summit in Long Beach Friday. The caucus is only a year old but is one of the largest on Capitol Hill and now includes more than 100 members. More

AOPA Sweepstakes Plane Awarded »

A New Hampshire CFI with a penchant for new technology is the winner of AOPA's sweepstakes aircraft, a new Remos GX light sport aircraft. Yorke Brown, an engineering and scientific consultant from Etna, N.H., was notified of his win last week and will get his airplane after it comes off display at AOPA Summit in Long Beach, Calif. Brown flies out of Lebanon Airport and now has one primary flight student. He got a trip around the patch in a loaner Remos courtesy of Mid Island Air Service in New York. More

EPA Finished Reviewing Avgas Comments »

The Environmental Protection Agency has heard the concerns of the general aviation industry about the potential elimination of lead in aviation fuel and a spokesman promised the impacts on GA will be at the forefront of future deliberations on the issue. Glenn Passavant told a forum on the future of aviation gas at AOPA Summit the agency is moving deliberately on the issue and not rushing the process. "We do not have a specific timeline for moving forward with a [Notice of Proposed Rulemaking]," Passavant said. He said EPA is working with the FAA and aviation groups and stressed the "endangerment finding" that would trigger legislative action is not imminent. In answer to a question from the floor, however, Passavant said he did not agree that such a finding is a foregone conclusion and suggested market forces might decide the fate of 100LL. He declined an interview with AVweb to discuss his presentation in more detail, saying such interaction with the media must be approved by the EPA's public affairs officials. EPA officials in Washington were unable to field our questions and referred us to their website. More

Robinson Helicopter's New Turbine, The R66 »

A newly certified five-place Rolls-Royce turbine powered helicopter is now available from Robinson, which hopes to fit the aircraft into the market between its own very popular piston R44 and more expensive light turbine helis. The turbine blends vastly improved high-altitude performance and load-carrying capabilities with a moderate increase in fuel burn. The R66 burns about 22 gallons in the same hour its piston sibling burns closer to 15. As company president Kurt Robinson told AVweb Thursday, aside from the added capability and some nuances specific to turbine helicopter operation, "the aircraft actually handles very similar to an R44" ... it just does it with a 300-horsepower Rolls-Royce turbine. More

Fifi's First Long Cross-Country In Six Years »

The Commemorative Air Force's (CAF) freshly re-engined B-29 FIFI is the only airworthy example of its kind anywhere in the world and it was on display as part of AOPA's Summit at Long Beach Airport's Airfest 2010. AVweb caught up with the aircraft's crew chief, Dave Miller, who flew in on the rare bomber as flight engineer and also logged some stick time. Click through to our video to hear how the flight went, catch up with FIFI's recent history and have a look around inside and out. The aircraft is running on four new custom engines that are a cross between the R-3350-95W and the R-3350-26WD. They were installed through the hard work of volunteers and thanks largely to the financial backing of Jim Cavanaugh. CAF plans to take FIFI on tour -- and they're giving rides. More

Training Needs A Tuneup »

A survey expert who recently earned his private pilot certificate says the industry isn't exploiting the cool factor of being a pilot to keep students in training. Mark Benson, CEO of APCO Insight , told a news conference at AOPA Summit in Long Beach that the whole sense of community and belonging that pilots feel among pilots could be an important promotional tool for the industry to retain student pilots. Jennifer Storm, who is heading up AOPA's Flight Training Student Retention Initiative, told AVweb in a podcast interview that the survey data provides important insight into what student pilots want from schools. "The research says that there's a huge element of the specialness of being a pilot that we're not especially tapping into," she said. Storm also noted that student pilots want value for the money and a sense that flight schools or independent instructors are actively trying to save them money rather than running up the bill. More

Electric 172 Aimed At Training Market »

Bye Energy says its electric-powered Cessna 172 will be much more than an airshow curiosity. In fact, the company told AVweb that it hopes to revolutionize the Part 23 training market with the aircraft. "Our clear focus is mainstream aviation," company President George Bye said. "It's ideal for training." Bye said the aircraft will be a two-place with an endurance of two hours on a combination of battery power, solar and power reclaimed from wingtip devices intended to capture vortex energy in flight and by the push on the prop during descent. He said the company intends it to be "the point of entry for new pilots." More

AOPA Summit 2009 Photo Gallery »

Click for more photos The AVweb staff have packed their bags and are on their way home from the first AOPA Summit in Tampa, Florida and guess what editor Mary Grady found on her digital camera? If you said "a bunch of great photos that AVweb didn't get a chance to share with us during the show," you'd be right. Let's have a look at some of our favorite snaps from the show. More