Army Apache Mishap Caught On Video

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Nobody was killed (although it’s likely some careers were bruised) when an Army AH-64 Apache helicopter crashed in the snowy mountains of Afghanistan, possibly last month. Although the precise date of the mishap hasn’t been confirmed, Wired quotes an unnamed source at Stars and Stripes as saying the incident occurred in February. Video started popping up Tuesday of the aircraft engaged in a “return to target” maneuver that didn’t go as planned. American voices can be heard (profanely) marveling at the stunt until the helicopter fails to come out of a dive in time and bounces across an outpost in Marzak, Afghanistan. The video shows the aircraft narrowly missing some bystanders on the ground as it careens between several buildings. The Army has not so far commented on the accident but as the video gets media play more details are expected to come out.