Aspen Announces Major ADS-B Price Cuts


Competition in ADS-B is clearly heating up and anyone looking for discounts on mandate-ready equipment will find them at Sun ‘n Fun from at least one vendor. Aspen Avionics announced today that it’s reducing the price on two of its ADS-B products, the ATX100 and ATX100G.

The ATX100, which provides ADS-B In and Out capability and is suitable for an aircraft whose owner wants to keep a Mode-C transponder in place, has been reduced in price to $2,645 from $3,995. The ATX100 requires an external WAAS GPS position source, which many aircraft already have. The ATX100G is also a UAT product that provides In and Out capability and has its own onboard WAAS position source. Originally priced at $4,995, it has been reduced to $3495. For more, see Aspen’s website.