Aspen Avionics Evolution Flight Display


Aspen Avionics recently completed its TSO performance tests and final systems integration testing and is ready for final FAA certification test flights for its EFD1000. The digital electronics glass panel LCD cockpit display consolidates primary flight data and is designed vertically (the display is a vertical rectangle) with pairs of instruments — one on top (an EFIS, for example), and one on the bottom (maybe an HSI). System software versions allow the units to function as primary flight displays (PFD) or multi-function displays (MFD). They are designed to work with whatever is currently in your panel and built to fit into a top instrument hole, replacing both it and the instrument below it simultaneously. Test flights are expected to take place almost immediately. A Cirrus SR22, Cessna 412C and multiple Pipers have been or will soon be used for test installations. At last check, the Cirrus was scheduled to begin testing at Aspen’s Albuquerque headquarters on Valentine’s Day. Pricing for units is currently just under $6000 not including professional installation.