Astronaut Job Openings At NASA


NASA, which posts want ads when it needs more astronauts, will accept applications in a few weeks for new candidates. The agency will open up the submission process on the federal job-application website between Dec. 14 through mid-February. Among the base qualifications are a degree in engineering, math, biology or physical science, and at least three years of climbing the ladder in a related field or at least 1,000 hours of PIC in jets. The selection process is a lengthy one, as outlined on NASA’s website. Those who make the interview cut will be chosen by the end of 2016, with in-depth evaluations slated for February through April 2017 at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. NASA will announce the class in June 2017.

To ramp up the “be an astronaut” appeal, NASA says it’s intent on making the jump from the International Space Station to lunar orbit and a new manned space vehicle, with the ultimate goal of manned missions to Mars. The 2013 class included four women and four men picked from more than 6,100 applications. More than 300 astronauts have worked for agency, with 47 currently active. The @NASA_Astronauts Twitter feed came alive this week with comments and questions, such as age requirements. “There are no age restrictions. Astronaut candidates selected in the past have ranged between the ages of 26 and 46,” NASA replied.