ATC Pay »

This opinion piece from the National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) is in response to a letter from an AVweb reader about recent negotiations between the FAA and NATCA. More

Pro-Airport Activism »

The best time to support a threatened airport is before it gets threatened. That means those of you who think, ''My airport is just fine,'' had better read what this city councilman has to say and then start organizing. More

The Right to Flight »

More and more security restrictions have reduced the accessibility and viability of general aviation, and the proposed, permanent, D.C.-area restriction takes the cake. AVweb wants everyone to realize that this can be stopped with the right actions right now. More

Anti-Airport Activism »

No matter what you say about politicians, you have to admit they can make life really tough on pilots and airports when they only listen to the voices of the anti-airplane and anti-airport crowd. A city councilman and pilot from Arizona offers suggestions on how to work with the people who make local decisions about your airport. More

Is Sport Pilot Training Uninsurable for Commercial Flight Schools? »

As the details emerge of just how the Sport Pilot rules will work in the "real world," one major block has turned up: Insurance companies may not be willing to underwrite it. AVweb presents a guest opinion piece from a frustrated Sport Pilot flight school. More

Thanks, Andy »

Do we really have to sit still and take a pounding when an intense hurricane comes ashore? Or is it time to do something creative, like get out of the way? More