Sharing the Air With Skydivers »

As the weather warms, skydiving operations are cranking up. Here's how to co-exist peacefully with parachute jumpers and avoid encounters of the too-close-for-comfort kind. More

De-Ice Debacle »

"Caveat emptor" -- buyer beware, as they say. Watch out when someone asks you to sign something that says you'll pay whatever it takes for a service. In this case, the problem occurred when a pilot tried to get de-iced so he could fly home. More

Air Traffic Controller Attrition »

The General Accounting Office found that most of the current air traffic controllers within the FAA will be retiring within the next 10 years. The FAA has done little to alleviate the controller workforce losses. Meanwhile, many young and experienced military controllers are trying very hard to get the FAA to consider them for these positions. More

Life Inside the Washington TFR -- A Year (Or Two) Of Living Dangerously »

AVweb has reported extensively on the challenges of flying in the Washington, D.C., area, what with the new ADIZ and all the rest, and especially the plight of the three GA airports located within the area. The owner of one of those airports describes the ingenious solution they use to fly and even train new pilots. More

TSA Takes Over »

If you don't want the entire world to have a look at it, don't try to carry it aboard an airliner. But has the new world of the TSA accomplished anything? After a half-dozen intimate searches, AVweb's Paul Bertorelli says maybe. More

CFIs as Air-Taxi Operators Exempt from Part 135 »

Recently, a proposal was sent to the U.S. Department of Transportation outlining an idea to allow flight instructors to conduct air-taxi flights without taking Part 135 checkrides. The author's intent was to help make flight instruction a career choice in itself rather than a stepping stone. AVweb presents the original proposal and two point-counterpoint views of it. More

Back in the Corridor Again »

While we'll concede the presidential TFR over Kennebunkport, Maine, last weekend was breathtakingly excessive -- any chance we could fly over some of the state? -- the consolation is that, with the cancellation of the Statue of Liberty TFR, the New York Hudson corridor is back to normal. AVweb's Paul Bertorelli flew it last week, and it's as inspiring as ever, even if what's missing gives us sad pause. More

This Is War: Toyota's Plans to Seize the World GA Market »

Toyota's proof-of-concept aircraft recently had its first flight, but Toyota isn't making many public announcements. How serious can they really be? AVweb's Paul Bertorelli reports that, if Toyota uses the same techniques used to take over the world car markets, Cessna, Piper and the rest should pay attention. More

Why GA Should Support Corporatized ATC »

GUEST COMMENTARY. As usual, Rick Durden's recent column, ("How Many Are Going to Die, Mr. President?") generated a lot of discussion by AVweb readers. Several people mentioned a privatization plan put forward by the Reason Foundation in February 2001. In the interest of providing more information to our readers, AVweb has agreed to publish this commentary by Robert Poole, one of the authors of that plan. More

Blowing Snow »

EDITORIAL. General aviation would dearly love to get back to "normal" if only the powers that be would let us. The on-again, off-again nature of various restrictions have created a huge amount of distrust and lack of confidence in top-level decision-makers among operators of all types. As AVweb Executive Editor Joseph E. (Jeb) Burnside writes, much of the current situation is nothing more than "blowing snow." More