Aftermath »

EDITORIAL. AVweb Executive Editor Joseph E. (Jeb) Burnside has been watching the week's events unfold from a hotel room in Las Vegas, stranded until Friday evening by the grounding of general aviation. He's had plenty of time to watch and learn from the actions of the federal government since Tuesday, to speak with industry observers, government employees, airline pilots and others with insight into what happened to U.S. civilian aviation last week. He's also had the time to write an open letter to Transportation Secretary Norman Y. Mineta as well as offer some thoughts on the coming weeks for the rest of us in this AVweb editorial. More

When an Agenda Gets in the Way of the Facts »

EDITORIAL. CNN's recent brief "examination" of aviation safety could have been an interesting and enlightening comparison of the extremely good safety record compiled by corporate and on-demand business jet operators against the scheduled carriers. Instead, CNN managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. By allowing its agenda to get in the way of honest reporting, CNN's broadcast was not only a perfect example of all that is wrong with the mass media's coverage of non-commercial aviation, it came across as a blatant and inept attempt to tarnish the industry. AVweb Executive Editor Joseph E. (Jeb) Burnside takes a look at how far GA still has to go in this editorial. More

An Open Letter to Boeing »

Last week, The Boeing Company announced its decision to move its headquarters from Seattle, Wash., to Chicago, Ill. The company's decision comes as part of a series of changes designed to establish a "leaner headquarters" separate from its major business units. AVweb's Rick Durden, a longtime Boeing fan, wrote this open letter to Boeing's management in an attempt to make sure they know what they're getting themselves into and to make a plea for the company to use its leverage to keep open embattled Meigs Field. More

Merger Madness »

Not since the days when Liddy "I never saw an airline merger I didn't like" Dole headed up the U.S. Department of Transportation have there been so many carriers proposing to get together in so many unnatural ways. This time around, the result could conceivably be a U.S. market dominated by only three huge air carriers. One can imagine what would happen to the holy grail of airline competition. AVweb's Ken Cubbin did sit down to imagine what the world could look like if these proposed mergers are approved. Here's his take on what the U.S. Departments of Transportation and Justice should consider before allowing these mergers to go through. More

ATC Is Not the Problem »

EDITORIAL. As the U.S. heads into the busiest travel weekend of the year, it's a good time to take a look back at last summer's airline delays and what exactly caused them. AVweb Publisher Carl Marbach writes that contrary to what the airlines and the airports would have you believe, the people and equipment comprising the U.S. ATC system aren't the problem. Instead, could runway capacity and airline scheduling practices be to blame? More

You Are Not Welcome Here »

GUEST EDITORIAL. Many bemoan the ongoing lack of young people becoming involved in aviation. They point to the bygone times when hanging around an airport, learning about airplanes and sweeping floors to earn rides served as the first rung in the aviation-industry career ladder. As AVweb reader Clayton Wendt points out, one of the problems may not be the people, but the airport environment itself. More

NBAA 2000: A Multibillion-Dollar Baby »

SPECIAL REPORT. Now that the 53rd NBAA Annual Meeting and Convention is in the history books, it's time to sit down and tote up the dollars exchanged and the forecasts presented and to take a closer look at the industry snapshot that this year's event presented. Highlights include news from the world of fractionals, more on New Piper's Meridian; a supersonic bizjet, whether Japan Inc. will become involved with general aviation and updates to several development programs. More

Special Report: NBAA 2000 (Complete Coverage Index) »

Welcome to AVweb's exclusive coverage of the 53rd National Business Aviation Association Annual Meeting and Convention, held October 10-12, 2000, in New Orleans, Louisiana. More

NBAA 2000: Gettin' Down (River) to Business »

SPECIAL REPORT. It was the best of times and it was, well ... the best of times. In fact, as the corporate aviation industry gathered this week in New Orleans for the 53rd National Business Aviation Association Annual Meeting and Convention, cold winds and damp ramps couldn't dislodge the smiles. So far, this year's NBAA extravaganza seems headed to break records, with more than 29,000 attendees and some 150 aircraft on static display. Don't miss this first part of AVweb's two-part coverage by Dave Higdon. More

How to Save an Airport »

The usual story is all too familiar: The neighbors, complaining of noise and safety concerns, organize to close down an airport, and despite the efforts of a small band of pilots, soon the airfield is the site of yet another suburban subdivision with street names like Aviation Way and Kitty Hawk Lane. But here's a twist: The neighbors, outraged by a threat to close their local airfield, join together and demand that it stay open, because they love it just the way it is. AVweb's News Editor Mary Grady tells the unlikely tale of a tiny airport with a big heart. More