Austro Engine: More Power, Less Fuel


Tagging on to the gains Mercedes Benz has made in the automotive diesel field, Austro’s new aerodiesel-just certified last week-appears to produce more power while using less fuel than did the Thielert Centurion engines it will replace. Our sister publication, Aviation Consumer, reports in its March issue that the new Austro AE 300 produces 168 HP at a brake specific fuel consumption of .36 pounds of fuel per hour, at bit better than the .38 delivered by the Thielert engines. Diamond says about 27 new DA42 NG Twin Stars are already fitted with the new engines. Diamond has announced an aggressive program to re-engine existing DA42 and DA40TDIs with Austro, but it won’t happen quickly. Diamond’s Peter Maurer told AVweb this week that approvals for engine conversions won’t be done until later in the year.

Initial TBO for the Austro hasn’t been determined yet, but the best guess is that it will be about 1000 hours. The Austro is 118 pounds heavier than the Thielert Centurions so Diamond will shortly obtain approval for higher gross weights in both the DA42 NG and existing Twin Stars. Diamond also says an improved gearbox on the Austro should help owners avoid the onerous repetitive removal and inspections that dogged owners of Thielert engines.