Autopilot Available For Experimental And Light Sport Aircraft


You might think that an autopilot would be the last thing that pilots of sport airplanes would yearn for — after all, isn’t the whole point of sport flying, to fly? — but Dynon Avionics says interest has been keen in their new autopilot system, now available. The kit fits several Vans RV models and goes for about $3,700. Customers can also buy one or two new servos for pitch and/or roll at $750 each, enabling existing and new customers of Dynon Electronic Flight Instrument Systems to add autopilot capability. The software for the gear is not yet available but should be out next month, the company says. “Customers can opt to take delivery of servos, mounting kits, and AP74 modules now, allowing them to install hardware, run wires, and be completely ready for the autopilot functionality once it is ready,” according to the company Web site.

The Dynon autopilot system was introduced earlier this year at Sun ‘n Fun.