Avgas Coalition Praises FAA Action


The FAA, responding to the concerns of the General Aviation Avgas Coalition, has announced formation of a new office that will be responsible for providing technical information and guidance related to developments in aviation fuels, including unleaded options. Per the FAA, its new Fuel Program Office will provide “technical expertise and strategic direction in the planning, management, and coordination of activities related to aviation fuels.” The Coalition sees formation of the office as an “important step” in creating an “unleaded avgas transition program” that will be able to evaluate fuels and generate data that could form commercial fuel specifications and guide certification efforts. The FAA already has some steps in place.

The FAA has hired a consultant to establish a Piston Aviation Fuel Initiative steering group while working in cooperation with industry interests. The Avgas coalition members believe the FAA’s involvement is critical to enabling a transition without degrading consumer confidence and with the smallest impact on the existing fleet. The coalition issued a statement saying that the new Fuels Program Office “will ensure an efficient use of both government and industry resources and will provide a more comprehensive pathway and timeline to an unleaded fuel.” The coalition is composed of members of the general aviation industry that include AOPA, EAA, GAMA, NATA and NBAA.