Avgas Committee Report Released


The Unleaded Avgas Transition-Advanced Rulemaking Committee (ARC)’s report on its recommended path to a suitable replacement for 100LL has been released to the public by the FAA (two months after the stakeholders committee completed the report) and as we reported in May it will be, under the committee’s recommendations, at least 11 years before such a fuel (or fuels) is approved and the committee is also warning it could take longer than that. Total cost could reach $73 million with $60 million having to be approved by Congress. Despite the many pitfalls outlined in the report, the authors try to strike a hopeful tone. “We are in fact very encouraged that a satisfactory solution will be deployed in a timely manner and none of us will see our aircraft or our operations significantly compromised. The summary of the report is here (PDF). The full report is here (large PDF) and the appendices are here (PDF).

Alphabet groups that are members of the Avgas Coalition simultaneously released a joint statement that outlined key points of the report but didn’t pass judgment on it. “The GA associations will continue to work with the FAA in developing, implementing and funding an unleaded avgas plan that includes the key elements outlined in the ARC’s report which are necessary to facilitate the development and deployment of an unleaded avgas with least impact upon the existing piston-engine aircraft fleet,” the statement read.