Aviation Camp For Adults


The Florida Air Museum, at the Sun ‘n Fun campus in Lakeland, Fla., is offering a weekend aviation experience to introduce new pilots to their first flight in the left seat. The program, called Destination Aviation Seminar, is designed for adults, and aims to prepare prospective students with the confidence and knowledge they need to get the most from their first flight lesson. It starts on Friday evening with an introduction and flight simulator instruction. On Saturday, students learn about aerodynamics, aircraft systems, controls, and instruments, plus more simulator time and lots of discussion. Sunday, the students go flying.The curriculum is “fast-paced but down to earth for the non-aviator,” according to the Museum. The program will be offered Oct. 21-23 and Feb. 24-26, for $350.

The fee includes basic dorm-style lodging and breakfast and lunch, though participants can choose to stay at nearby hotels if they prefer. The program is “essentially a condensed version of our week-long summer camp for kids,” according to the Museum.

AVweb‘s Paul Bertorelli recently wrote about a kids’ aviation camp and suggested that the concept could work for adults as well; click here to read his blog post and comments.