Avidyne Reacts To Cirrus Garmin Avionics Launch


Cirrus got a lot of attention last week when it unveiled its new Garmin “Perspective” panel at the EBACE show in Geneva, and now Avidyne wants to remind future Cirrus buyers that its Entegra panel, long the standard, is still an option. “Among other benefits,” the company said in a news release on Tuesday, “the easier-to-use Entegra-equipped Cirrus SR22 is $48,000 less expensive and provides an additional 42 pounds of useful load, both critical factors for many potential Cirrus customers.” The company said it will continue to provide support and to continuously upgrade the Entegra system, and added that Avidyne remains in a strong position overall, with a growing aftermarket segment and international expansion. “Avidyne is very confident that pilots will continue to select their avionics packages based on core value propositions such as price, ease of use, interoperability, performance and future upgradeability,” the statement said.

“Avidyne remains very dedicated to working with the owners and operators of all 4,000+ Cirrus/Entegra airplanes worldwide and helping them maintain their value.” The company recently introduced a new product that provides datalink weather via Iridium satellites, aimed at the European market.