FAR Part 43 Appendix D »

Scope and detail of items (as applicable to the particular aircraft) to be included in annual and 100-hour inspections. More

What Did Lee Schroeder Do Wrong? »

AVweb's aviation law editor uses Dr. Lee Schroeder's bad experience in purchasing a Beechcraft Baron as a case study, and offers specific advice for prospective buyers of used aircraft from a lawyer's point of view. More

Can Aircraft Owners Avoid Personal Liability for Air Crashes? »

If the aircraft you own augers in, how can you limit your liability exposure? Does it help to create a corporation or LLC to own the aircraft? What are the liability ramifications if you leaseback your plane? What if you lend or rent the aircraft to someone else and they crash, or commit some violation...are you still liable? Does it matter what state you live in, or where the crash occurs? How can you protect yourself and your assets? AVweb's aviation law guru offers answers to these and a host of other questions that every aircraft owner, operator and pilot will want to read, then print out and save. More

Ramp Check '98: The FAA Inspector as Traffic Cop »

In its never-ending quest to help us, the FAA recently announced a new enforcement program that will allow FSDO Inspectors to "ticket" airmen for violations. If you're lucky enough to get one of these, you'll be required to sign the citation on-the-spot just like a traffic ticket whereupon it will go into your FAA file for the next two years. But unlike a traffic ticket, you will not have an opportunity to go to "traffic court" to prove your innocence, because there's no right of appeal. (Do we have your attention yet?) This article explains how this new program works, why it's potentially unfair to airmen, and how to protect your rights if you're ramp-checked by the Feds. This is important need-to-know stuff for every pilot. More

FOQA: Are Legal Issues Interfering with Safety Improvements? »

Many airlines are implementing Flight Operational Quality Assurance (FOQA) programs to record and analyze flight parameters (such as firm landings or high decent rates) of uneventful flights and attempt to pick out potential problem before they lead to accidents. Airline pilot unions in the U.S. are opposed to these programs because they are concerned that the data will be used to prosecute pilots, and in some cases the airlines are concerned that the data could be used against them in litigation. AVweb's law editor analyzes the legal issues involved. More

Aviation Expert Witnesses »

Litigation is a fact of life in aviation, and aviation litigation relies heavily on the use of expert witnesses to analyze the the technical facets of an accident or incident and to explain them in terms that judges and juries can comprehend. In this article, AVweb's aviation law editor explains what's involved in being an aviation expert witness, and how to be an effective one. More

NTSB Accident Investigations: What You Need To Know »

Let's hope you're never involved in an accident that is investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board. But if you are, there are some important things you should know about how the Board conducts its investigations, what powers NTSB investigators have, and what rights you have if the NTSB decides to interrogate you. More

What If You Are Involved in an Air Crash? »

It can happen to you probably when you least expect it. Would you know what to do when the dust clears and the authorities, insurance adjusters, lawyers and media start asking questions? Would you even be able to think clearly while under the stress of an airman's worst nightmare? In this article, a practicing aviation attorney (who once was an FAA lawyer himself) provides the seven key elements for your own personal Accident Response Plan. (You might want to print a hard copy and keep it in your flight case.) More

Protecting Yourself Against FAA Enforcement Actions »

If the FAA comes after you, how you handle yourself during the early stages (before you've had time to consult with an aviation attorney) can spell the difference between keeping and losing your certificate or your job. In this article, a practicing aviation attorney (who once was an FAA lawyer himself) offers three invaluable tips that could save your ticket. More