AVmail: January 30, 2003

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New Rule Gives TSA Power Over Pilots

Regarding Newswire from January 27, 2003:

The Gestapo isn't dead ... it's now known as the TSA. In the name of "security" we are now living in a dictatorship. Management is determined to protect their position by creating this dictatorial process with no appeal.

Herbert Yuttal

New Rule Gives TSA Power Over Pilots

The following is a copy of a letter sent this morning to Rep. Ike Skelton, D-Mo., my elected representative. While it is probably shouting down a well, I would ask every airman in America who is concerned about this to do the same.


Dear Representative Skelton:

I heartily object to the final rule, Docket No.: FAA-2003-14293, published as a final rule in the Federal Register last Friday. This rule authorizes summary revocation of Airman's certificates unpon a finding by the TSA that the individual constitutes a security risk. The rule is odious and draconian and I object on the following grounds.

1. The lack of the customary comment period.

2. The lack of a third party appeal process.

3. The lack of common sense involved in the rule.

4. The lack of any standard to identify terrorists. "They are what we say they are."

The idea that a potential terrorist will be deterred by the absence of a valid airman's certificate is laughable on its face. The rule exposes every professional airman to the loss of his/her livlihood by beureaucratic zealots with an attitude. If you don't believe that happens I would urge you to look into the DOT Inspector General's report on the Branson accident. This report was the culmination of work done by Roy Blunt and was carried front page above-the-fold in the Kansas City Star two weeks ago.

As a professional pilot, aircraft mechanic, flight-instructor, adjunct professor of aviation at Central Missouri State University in Warrensburg and as one of your constituents, I object to this rule. We are not enhancing security by depriving individuals of their hard-won certificates without any legal recourse whatsoever. This rule is one more small step on the road to making America look more like the countries we claim to despise.

Thank You

Lem Shattuck

Super Bowl Humor

En route to X35 (Dunellon, Florida) on the Saturday before the Super Bowl, Tampa approach was overheard asking a pilot to confirm that he had the current ATIS: "Information 'Gruden.'"

Robert Walker

AVweb responds ...

Can we assume that, on Monday, every ATIS in the Tampa area was broadcasting information "Jackson" in honor of the MVP?

Kevin Lane-Cummings
Features Editor