AVmail: May 26, 2003

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Reader mail this week about airline patriotism, the Sport Pilot NPRM and more.

Airline Patriotism

No doubt it is neither my business nor my right to comment on how certain airlines -- specifically United, Northwest and UPS -- are equipping themselves with foreign-made (read AIRBUS) airliners.

Can't help but notice that Boeing's Commercial Airliner Division is still laying off workers, because of dropping sales. So Seattle is feeling that "skilled workers losing their jobs" situation again, much as some 20 years ago. My airline friends, other than those from Air Canada, which is flying an almost all-Airbus Fleet, tell me that the new B-737's are very fine airplanes and good value for the U.S. Dollar.

As a Canadian I feel that, after your war in Iraq, which our government sadly did not support, it is right unpatriotic for U.S. airlines to buy commercial airliners from France and Germany, who turned and are still turning against you. (See press reports on them wanting the USA out of NATO).

Fred Engel

Chicago Airport Alternative

For pilots who still need to visit Chicago VFR and don't want to bother with Midway, one suggested place you can go is to Gary Airport. It's an easy Class D, and there's a train nearby that takes you directly downtown. Gary Jet Center doesn't mind dropping you off at the train stop if you buy gas. Also, the money you spend there goes to Indiana, not Chicago.

Paul Hekman

Sport Pilot NPRM

The most serious deficiency in the "Sport Pilot NPRM FAA-2001-11133" is that it remains a public NPRM, which the publichas yet to address as such!

Of additional concern is the word "Sport," spread widely from title through the entire proposal, while trying to achieve taxpayer acceptance during a period of continuous terrorist alerts!

The text of the NPRM identifies a need for an ideal mass-production personal aircraft, so why not call it a "Personal Aircraft, Airman and Maintenance Regulation"?

Doug Nichols
Retired CFI who might want to re-certify under a sensible regulation!

Fighting To Save Airports ... Waterfront Battles In Canada, Too

The picture with the story about the Toronto City Center Airport (CYTZ) is wrong. As a Torontonian pilot I have been there innumerable times (most of it before the landing fee introduction there), but your picture is not Toronto.

Better luck next time, eh?

Csaba Gaal

AVweb Responds:

You're right, it's not in Toronto. It's Nelson Municipal Airport (CZNL) in British Columbia, which is also described in that story. Thanks for keeping us on our toes and for reading AVweb.

Russ Niles
AVweb Writer


Just wanted to say thanks for all the great articles you folks write, especially the witty style of your writing staff. I always get a much-needed chuckle from their writing style -- excellent work. Keep up the great work.

As the saying goes: Keep the greasy side down and the blue side up.

Dennis Emond-Whelan