AVmail: July 14, 2003

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Reader mail this week about plane crazy days of summer, the Avjet settlement and more.

Boeing Looks To The ATC Market ... But Can The NAS Be Fixed?

Your story this morning shows an aerial photograph of Halifax airport. No mention is made of the photo, and its relevance to the story is not clear.

Did you know that this is Halifax International Airport (CYHZ) in Nova Scotia, Canada? It was taken immediately after 9/11, when most transatlantic airliners were diverted to airports in the Canadian Maritimes.

Hugh Morrin
Transport Canada Flight Test

AVweb Responds:

For all the criticism of the NAS (noted in text adjacent to the image), that picture seemed representative of one day the system worked extremely well (while some might argue the contrary), and in one frame also conveys the complexity of the task.

I hope that explains its relevance.

Glenn Pew

The Plane Crazy Days of Summer

It is not fair to show a duck hunter as the possible symbol of the person that shot at plane. First, a good hunter knows at what distance he can effectively bring down a bird. Second, duck hunters know the laws and bag limits, and I dont think that it is Cessna season.

Pete Aasen

Avjet Settles For $11.7 Million

Regarding your article on the Avjet judgment for 11.7 mega-bucks. The plaintiffs' attorney said, "If their deaths are to have any meaning, it is our hope that today's resolution will send a clear message to pilots and private air charter companies everywhere to obey the air safety rules and regulations intended for the public's protection."

I have no opinion on whether the plaintiffs deserve or do not deserve the judgment, but the use of that statement is outrageous! Pilot's don't need a court judgment -- where a bunch of money changed hands -- to send a clear message to obey rules, regs, etc. The simple fact that that these pilots crashed and ended the lives of their passengers and themselves, combined with the NTSB findings, do that more than adequately.

My condolences to the family and friends of those lost on N303GA. It is truly sad.

Chris Claborne