AVmail: Aug. 22, 2005

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Reader mail this week about the price of avfuel, FAA rules on hangar rent, eminent domain and more.

Eminent Domain

If the Dallas Cowboy's and the city fathers of Arlington, Texas, can justify eminent domain to purchase land to build their new stadium, why can't it be used for a new airport (NewsWire, Aug. 15)? Recently we have seen eminent domain used to build a new mall in Richland Hills, Texas; now it will be a new stadium in Arlington. Where will it end? I'm for eminent domain when it is used to benefit the public, but not when it is used to force people out of their homes, and put more money into the pockets of big money conglomerates. My $0.02.

Name withheld by request

Electronic Flight Bags For GA

I've read a few articles on your Web site with regards to EFB and GA (Avionics). Some authors forget to discuss the physical limitations of the tablet PCs that run the EFB programs. Recently I was using an EFB, and at 15,000 MSL in my Cirrus SR22 my EFB crapped out. It only started working again once I hit 13,000 feet.

This is something to take into consideration -- not only for GA aircraft, but for other aircraft that are relying on EFBs as a single source for navigation and approach information. Should a cabin go unpressurized at altitude and require usage of an EFB, there could be a serious problem. I think it can be remedied by using a solid-state device to replace the hard drive, but that might be difficult and expensive since the programs that contain all of the maps and approach information are rather large (>5 GB).

Brad Ellis

Airports, Tulip City & Others

Re: State Aeronautics Commissions -- Fiddling While Airports Disappear? (The Pilot's Lounge, Aug. 7) ...

I am a former State of California airport inspector and you are right!

The solution is to build your own airport and buy enough land to protect approaches. Case in point: Eagle's Nest Airport (CA20), Ione, Calif. It has a 4000' x 100' runway with 1,300' of full structural paved overrun. I built the community sewer system, ran seven miles of water-main to the local town and graded and paved the runway.

It took 15 years to finally finish, including MIRL runway lighting too! We also have an FAA aerobatics box with a "no speed limit" waiver for lots of the Reno racers!

Dave Wardall

Price Of Aviation Fuel

I have been working at this FBO for 28 years. Not a week goes by that a pilot will fly in needing fuel, and then has the audacity to try and bargain with me on our fuel price. Why is that?

Do these owner/operators do that when they pull into a gas station to load up their cars with gas? Do they try and bargain with the person inside the Conoco, Phillips, or whatever station they want to use? Do they bicker for a deal at their dry cleaners? Do their wives get deals with the salespeople in the malls? Do they try and bicker the price of piano lessons with the piano teacher for lessons for their kids?

The price of gas is the price of gas. Pay it and fly off and be glad I didn't increase the price 10 cents a gallon because I have to deal with jerks. If you want to play, you've got to pay.

Christina Pickle

Pittsburgh Hangar Rent

Since when does FAA "policy" dictate the costs of hanger rents in private industry (NewsWire, Aug. 18)? What is that so-called FAA "policy", anyway? This sounds like a lame excuse for gouging aircraft owners. Those pilots should pool their resources a file a lawsuit. At those hangar rates, it might be a good investment.

Name withheld by request

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