AVmail: Oct. 22, 2007

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Bob Hoover

Just finished watching the short video of Bob Hoover and his Shrike Commander (Video of the Week, Oct. 15). It sure brings back memories of all the times I watched this in person over the years at Oshkosh. It surely is beautiful. I don't know if anyone could ever fill his shoes. Plus he has a personality to match. Thank you for letting us see it again. John Hermann

Cross Border Passenger Manifests

Never heard of such government do-do (AVwebFlash, Oct. 12)! Some pilots do not have computers; or if they do, no access when in Mexico. We as pilots do not need this!! David Worthington
Why didn't the FAA/TSA just add a field to the filed flight plan for a list of passenger names? Then the FAA can automatically transmit the list to TSA, and if there is "hit" from the no-fly list, the pilot will hear about it from ATC before they cross the border. Why not waive the notice requirement from a foreign country if you are returning with the same passenger manifest that you departed with? This is what most of my cross-border trips used to have! Unfortunately, the TSA uses only the name. This is insanity! No wonder three-year-olds have been denied boarding with their parents! Someone should tell the government that it's quite probable for quite a few people to share the same exact name. Ed Brady

Giant Ads Aimed At Passengers Aloft

A friend had this suggestion regarding the ads (AVwebFlash, Oct 10): The signs might be made more fun if they were done in the form of Burma-Shave signs as you approach the airport, perhaps like this:
You were there And now you're here Safe on the ground So have a beer (insert beer ad)
Jim Schmidt

Cirrus Bidding for Columbia

Proposal for a Question of the Week: Why do you think Cirrus is bidding for Columbia (AVwebFlash, Oct. 14)?
  1. To eliminate competition;
  2. To get a better nosewheel design;
  3. To acquire a model that has known spin-recovery traits; or
  4. To acquire additional production facilities
Make up your own. Rae Willis

Wake Turbulence -- SportJet

I'd have to disagree with the NTSB when they found that the wake from the Dash 8 was not strong enough to roll the SportJet (AVwebFlash, Oct. 17). I was rolled 90 degrees behind a Dash-7 in 1981. The airplane was behind me on a downwind departure by the time I took off in a Navajo Cheiftan, but I hit the wake just after liftoff. I don't, however, think the SportJet crash was the FAA's fault; it's the PIC's responsibility. The clearance for takeoff can be delayed for separation. That's the pilot's responsibility, not the FAA's. Linda D. Pendleton

Steve Fossett Lost?

Don't you think [Steve Fossett] has skipped the country on purpose for some reason? John Bradberry


I have enjoyed your story tremendously and look forward to the next Chapter (A Pilot's History). I talk to the WWII vets regularly at The American Airpower Museum I volunteer at, and I never want the stories to stop. Jeff Ellner
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