Private Pilot in 40 Hours -- It Can Be Done! »

The FAA says you can get your first pilot's license in only 40 hours. The FAA also says almost nobody does it that fast. Whether you want bragging rights or you just need to keep costs down, it is possible to get the flight time close to 40 hours, as long as you have a plan and the willingness to do a lot of preparation on the ground. More

Ten Things Your Flight Instructor Wishes You Knew »

Sure, your flight instructor is trying to teach you all the ins and outs of flying, but there are some things -- not officially in the curriculum -- that would make the training go faster, easier, and more enjoyably. And these apply to recurrent training, upgrading, and new certificates too. More

Climbing the Ladder: Making the Step from Piston Driver to Airline Pilot »

Nearly every pilot harbors some small dream of flying for the airlines, cruising along in the Flight Levels as a member of a crew in a state-of-the-art machine. Those who choose to pursue that dream are faced with a number of unusual trials along the way, and the rewards, while plentiful, aren't always what you would expect. More

The Pilot's Lounge #57:
Greg Gorak, The Teacher's Teacher

There are flight instructors, and then there are those who LOVE to teach instructors. And those who love something are usually pretty good at it. When it's time for AVweb's Rick Durden to renew his CFI certificate, he knows right where to go for the best refresher. More

Good Luck, Tina! »

At last, Tina is ready for her checkride. But if you think it will be a piece of cake, you've not been paying attention — and that's before she even gets to the airport! AVweb's series on primary flight training concludes (?) as we ride along with a brand-new student during her private pilot checkride. More

Toe'n the Line »

Do you know the most common mistake a solo student can make to cause an accident during takeoff and landing? Do you practice to avoid it, or spend lots of time with your students on it? Before you send a student up again, you may want to read Brett Justus' article. More

Prepare for a Successful Underwater Egress »

Although it may not happen as often as deviations from the runway or unintentional VFR flight into IMC, fear of ditching an airplane is high on many pilots' worry lists. Like all emergencies, however, using a checklist and practicing procedures can make the difference when you hit the water. More

Young People Realizing Their Dreams »

There are many ways to introduce young people to the joy of flight. Jamail Larkins, a young man who found his way into aviation with the help of many people, has parlayed that help into a what looks to be a very promising aviation career. In this article, he explores some of the organizations with programs especially designed to get kids involved in aviation. More

Transitioning from Light Twins to Turboprops (How Tough Could It Be?) »

Raytheon/Beechcraft is the manufacturer of both the Duchess light piston twin and the Super King Air 300 and 350 twin turboprop models. Both are tricycle-gear aircraft that sport an engine on each wing and a dramatic "T" tail. In either plane, if you select a climb attitude, the VSI will register a climb. If you bank left, the DG will rotate. Lose an engine and you will encounter asymmetric thrust. You're competent in your light twin. How tough could it be to upgrade to Jet A? AVweb's Scott Puddy recently went through FlightSafety International's Super King Air 300/350 type rating course. Here's a few things he remembers. More

Firing Your CFI »

Lots of pilots have a story about a favorite flight instructor, and some have a story of a CFI they'd not want to fly with again. But could a flight instructor do something that would make you want to land immediately? Greg Bullough relates an experience he had where an instructor did many such things, any one of which should have caused Greg to terminate the flight. More